Monday, March 30, 2009

Open windows

Well, ever since I started this blog it seems as though God has been opening windows of opportunity! The word has been spreading about my products and web store, and I may be doing several different things now, such as fundraisers, and featuring my jewelry in a local craft store...I've also sold items this weekend which, sad as it may sound, is the first sale in 2 months! I have been expanding my line to include post earrings, and I 'v been playing around with vintage looks, buttons and old fashioned flowers...i love color and unique items! I had a good weekend but a busy one and I designed some new jewelry...I really don't want to get ahead of myself or God, though, as I come up with all of these marketing ideas and ways to sell - I don't want to jump ahead and than say, "Please bless my endeavors, Lord" I want to be in step with Him; neither falling behind or going ahead, but walking in step with Him and allowing Him to lead often I seem to go ahead with my plans and than ask Him to help me or bless it, when I really should be allowing Him to lead...Well, got to put the kids down, it's naptime!

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