Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am so excited ! I made 5 sales today! That is a record! Praise God! I am happy and enjoying this "work" He has given me to do...I am really trying to follow His leading and pray about every step I take....I am very thankful right now.

People really talk, I mean, it's true that the best advertising is word of mouth. For a long time I didn't really tell many people about it, or if I did, I just skimmed over b/c I am like that, the person who sits at the back of class so I don't draw any attention to myself, although I think I am starting to emerge...but once I started REALLY telling people to check out my website, my jewelry, that's when I started to get some business..duh. I am not a natural business woman or a salesman either.

Well, I gotta go be good to my man...and by that I mean give Jesse his bedtime bottle.
By the way, I need a good new book to read....

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  1. Angie,
    Awesome news on your budding business! It's good that you're seeking God for every step - He's got his very best in mind for you guys.

    As for books to read... fiction or non-fiction?

    If you like to be challenged, I would recommend using some of those sales earnings to purchase "Organic Church" by Neil Cole, or borrowing "The Heavenly Man" or "Chasing the Dragon" from us - two tales about God's awesome work in China.

    Let me know if you're interested in hearing more about any of them.